Technology, Financial and Cybersecurity

FCM360, financial industry infrastructure and cybersecurity

FCM360 provides sophisticated infrastructure for high-speed, low-latency trading, Forex trading and cybersecurity early warning and remediation.

We''ve arranged international coverage for FCM360 in media outlets such the the UK-based e-FOREX magazine.

Stealthcare, leading cybersecurity firm

Headquartered in Columbus Ohio, Stealthcare provides protection from a panoply of cyberattacks to include the latest threat Ransomeware and rampant DDos Attacks.

We''ve arranged national coverage for Stealthcare's early warning that cyber attacks on the DNC Convention and other activity were directed and implanted by Moscow.

Trayport Ltd., The EUs dominant carbon trading platform

Headquartered in the United Kingdom, Trayport, Ltd. (GFIG/Nasdaq) is the leading provider of software to the European commodity trading community. the company develops, deploys and supports resilient software for trading in any asset class worldwide in cleared or OTC markets. Its GlobalVision software is used by the world’s largest trading companies in high profile markets that include derivative and cash instruments. Trayport, also handles 85% of all carbon trading (cap-and-trade) in the European Union.

To support Trayport's North American market penetration, we attracted 66 journalists to a New York media event Trayport organized to educate US Media about the financial aspects of carbon trading. The event, titled, "Is Carbon the Next Big Thing for US Business?" resulted in coverage by Japan's NHK TV, Reuters, Platts Oilgram, BusinessWeek, Forbes, Risk and Financial Technology.

WhiteSmoke Advanced Writing Software Based on Natural Language

We arranged coverage of WhiteSmoke — the world’s most advanced writing software, based on natural language processing technology — in the Washington Post, on network TV affiliate Web sites, and other media outlets that influence students and careerists who want to improve their language skills.

PeerApp, Inc. the Peer-to-Peer File Transfer Solution Developed in Israel

We introduced Israeli-financed PeerApp, Inc., a protocol-based bandwidth solution to help ISPs in the US, Asia and South America enhance network efficiency, reduce peer-to-peer (P2P) bandwidth requirements and cost, enhance subscriber experience, and add services. PeerApp solutions also enable ISPs to manage peer-to-peer file transfer in compliance with international and US copyright and intellectual property law. Its UltraBand 2000, enables ISPs to reduce bandwidth requirements by over 50%.

We arranged coverage in Slyck, Online Media and Telecom Asia, and media in Thailand and China.


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